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5 quick interview tips you need

The following is given as a guide to improving your interview technique.

You need to convince the interviewer that you are the best possible person for the job.

Before you enter the interview room, you are just another name on the list. Make sure that by the time you come out, yours is the only name on it.

Stay calm, think clearly and don’t let tricky questions and being under pressure put you off your stride.

1. Preparation

Know where you are going and have your route planned including where to park (if relevant). Allow a sizeable margin for error as first impressions count and if you can avoid the problem of being late then this is obviously preferable.

Find out who you are seeing, what they do and how long you will be there (so you can plan other appointments, book travel or pay for parking)

2. Research

If you walk into an interview saying, “Now, what do you do again?” and “Do you guys have funding yet?” you’re doomed before you begin. No matter how sparkly your personality is, you have to do the background research. – SUZANNE LUCAS

Research the company you are going to see. Dig a bit deeper and find out about there operations, IT systems, etc. so that you appear knowledgeable but more importantly you feel confident about your knowledge. Also look at the job spec and understand what is important – then think of how your skills are relevant to this…after all this is the whole point of the interview.

3. Know Yourself

I think an important part of being comfortable in an interview is knowing who you are, i.e. knowing what your flaws and weaknesses are as well as your good qualities. – FRANCES COLE JONES

Research yourself. This is important as it is what the whole conversation is likely to be about. Refresh yourself about the projects you have worked on, problems you have over come, achievements, etc. So many people let themselves down by simply not being in a position to recall something they have done.

4. Revision

Get the books out, get your revision head on. Freshen yourself up on the skills that are likely to be relevant for the job. You will never come out of an interview thinking “I wish I hadn’t revised my skills”. Imagine being so confident about what it is you do so that you are able to provide the answers they want on a plate.

TIP: Use the STAR method to plan your answers to interview questions and to show your skills and experience on a CV or application form.

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