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The benefits to handing your CV in person to the manager

The most common place to find a job is to search online through an agency. It’s quick and simple, and only requires a few search options to present you with a list of available work. You are then required to upload your CV to their website which will then be passed on to the employer.

But is this the best way to send your CV to an employer?

In the good old days before the internet you had to open a newspaper to find a job. Or you could walk into shops, stores or offices and ask at the reception. You would often end up seeing the manager and personally handing them your CV – sometimes directly for an open position or for them to keep on record for the future.

This was obviously a lot more time consuming than clicking a few buttons online. Applying through the internet allows you to quickly search and find numerous jobs within minutes. At the touch of a button you could apply for five jobs!

However, don’t underestimate the power of human interaction…

It’s more personable

Handing the manager your CV is a great way to introduce your credentials. You can smile, share a joke, ask more questions about the role, and put a face to the application. Applying for a job in person makes the whole process and experience much more personable. This is important because the employer will struggle to see your personality on the CV.

When up against so many other applicants, you could just have that edge which helps you through to an interview. With so many other candidates matching or even beating your skills and experience, every little helps.

You can find out more information

Although you’ve already written your CV, you can still benefit from finding out more information from the manager. If you make it through to the interview stage you may already have an advantage over your competition.

Ask a few questions about the role and the company, and use this valuable information for a potential interview. Try to keep your questions brief, and be careful not to frustrate the manager. You need to make a good impression, and not bore them to sleep. If you suspect the manager is very busy and doesn’t seem to want to talk for long, then don’t keep them.

You could get an interview instantly

Sometimes you will find that the manager decides to give you an interview on the spot. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes, you could already have one foot in the door. This happens quite a lot in the retail industry when managers are very busy and want to hire quickly.

The process of advertising, reading all the applications, and conducting interviews takes a lot of time and money. If the right candidate turns up at the company’s door, they may decide to cut out the standard process and hire you right there and then.

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